RE/MAX Agent Mike Cohen on Medford

Medford Square, Medford, MA

I’ve called Medford home for over a decade.

My wife and I own three properties in the city, two of which we continue to retain as rentals.

When I was driving home from a holiday party in West Medford several years ago with my wife, Lisa and my then-two-year-old daughter, we started talking about how the neighborhood seemed like a great place to consider when we were ready to move from our South Medford two-family.

While we weren’t planning to relocate right away,

we had been discussing for some time what we thought were important aspects of a community and a home where we would set down more permanent roots. We both agreed that we wanted a neighborhood that combined the best of suburban and city living.

Lisa wanted a house that offered some privacy and nice-sized yard. We didn’t want something that was so enormous that we’d have to spend every Saturday mowing the lawn. We also didn’t want something so isolated that we wouldn’t know our neighbors at all or be able to eat in the types of restaurants that you take for granted after living in or close to Boston for 20 years. She was looking for something very different than my parents’ house in New Hampshire, which she jokes, “Feels like the end of the earth.”

Like so many parents of young children, we wanted a safe neighborhood…

with kids for our daughter to play with and good public schools with engaged and involved parents. We also didn’t want to be too far away from the energy of Boston, with its world-class museums, theaters and restaurants, or our workplaces in Cambridge and Somerville. West Medford’s tree-lined streets, the yards ready for swing sets or vegetable gardens, the reputation of the Brooks elementary school and the proximity and easy access to Boston were all a draw for our young family.

Our move happened sooner than we expected. A week after that fateful night, a beautiful West Medford fixer-upper came on the market. I’ll spare you the details of the negotiations, but we made an offer that was accepted. After a renovation process that was stressful, but also creatively inspiring and adventurous, we moved into a house and a neighborhood that we love calling home.

Our neighbors are a diverse mix of people. There are plenty of born and bred “Medfid” natives as well as a large population of 30- and 40-something professionals who are moving here for the same reasons that brought us to the neighborhood.

Overall, we find people to be friendly and welcoming with little divide between transplants and those who were born here.

My family loves being part of this active, inclusive and largely unpretentious community. There are always family-centric activities such as the West Medford Halloween block party, Community Day and the Mystic River Festival. My five-year-old loves the children’s librarian at the Medford Public Library and the Medford Family Network hosts numerous activities for families, including new mom’s groups, playgroups and summer concerts, all of which are FREE for those who live or work in Medford.

I love the fact that Victory Park (which my daughter calls “Spider Web Park”) is right down the street from us and that I can walk my daughter to her preschool at Six Acres every morning. I could go on and on about all the great aspects of living in West Medford (and I’m happy to talk to you more about it, any time!), but I think it’s the overall neighborhood environment and strong community as a whole that drew us in and keeps us grounded in West Medford.

So does my description of my neighborhood intrigue you? Do you want to live in a place with a suburban feel but not be far away from tons of culture and activities? Give the Covelle & Cohen team a call and let’s discuss!