Living in Luxury: Boston Complexes

luxury boston

The Boston skyline has been going through some drastic changes in the past few years. Construction cranes are in place and then a new building suddenly appears. It seems that every corner you take, a new complex is being put up. The old classic look of Boston is getting a face lift and starting to look more like Manhattan. 

As more buildings are being put up, you ask yourself “who is going to fill all of these places”? Boston is booming in every way imaginable. The real estate market is through the roof and prices have never been higher. There are so many people trying to buy homes, but there is a shortage of inventory. More people are deciding to rent and there are plenty of options now. That is where these buildings come into play. Most are brand new residential rental buildings with everything you need in one complex.

These luxury complexes give the consumer more options than ever. They are not just providing people with a roof over their heads, they are selling them a lifestyle. Just check out what some complexes offer with you monthly rent:

  • fitness centers with personal trainers available
  • roof deck pools with lounge areas, fitness centers
  • wi-fi lounges
  • entertainment spaces with chef kitchens or even bars
  • dog walking areas and washing stations
  • concierge service
  • weekly social events

A condo with these amenities would come with a tremendous price tag. These complexes allow the renter to live in their dream home without having to go through the buying process and dishing out the cash for a down payment. Out with the old brownstones and in with the sleek luxury buildings. But what do the landlords of Boston think of this ever changing market? Time will tell…